Gender Male
Played by Dane Boedigheimer
Friends Orange (possibly)
Midget Apple
Passion Fruit
Enemies Liam
Death None but died in Mixter by blenders (revived)
First Appearance Ask Orange 1

Squash is a recurring character and former joke filler who first starred in the Ask Orange series. He usually ends up squashing small fruit, vegetables or other objects within his jurisdiction, much of his dismay.


Squash first appeared as a joke filler in Ask Orange 1. A user had asked what color Strawberry was if Orange was orange. Orange ended up replying with "Squash", along with Strawberry claiming that didn't make any sense. However, Orange was merely trying to warn Strawberry about Squash. Immediately after, Squash ended up squashing Strawberry. During many Ask Orange episodes after that, Squash ended up squashing other foods. His popularity started to grow during early season 4, and he began appearing in Wazzup episodes and even starred in his very own episode, U Can't Squash This. Since then, he has made many appearances in episodes of The Annoying Orange. His popularity has grown so much, that he even has his own Google+ account. He was voted most likely to leave an impression in Cruel Middle School.


  • Knife and Squash are both murder weapons that resent the fact that they are used for such purposes.
  • It has been noted in Annoying Orange vs Plants vs Zombies: SQUASH that Squash is allergic to grass.
  • He is a butternut squash.
  • Squash squashed a lot of characters, like Knife knifed a lot of characters.