The kitchen that Orange lives in

The Kitchen is a location in 803 Heyapple Avenue with Marshmallow as it's current president, and Mayor Mayonnaise as it's mayor. It is where most of The Annoying Orange series takes place. It is home to many food and small or miniaturized organisms. Most of the food deaths occur there as well. It has the same model as the kitchen from Dane Boedigheimer's old apartment building. As of early to mid-2011, Dane had new cabinets installed. The address of the kitchen was revealed in Kitchen Intruder for a report about a knife attack by Mark the Red Bell Pepper. A shot of the entire kitchen first appeared in Million Clones. During early season 6, the kitchen had some remodeling done to it, giving the entire left side a different appearance. One of these includes a shelf being installed above the range. In THE OBNOXIOUS KUMQUAT, new neighbors had moved in near them and their kitchen had the same model, but was reversed.

Locations in the Kitchen

Orange's Counter


Orange's counter

During almost every episode of The Annoying Orange, Orange sat in that very spot to annoy his victims which are usually sitting across the range from him. Pear sits on the left side of him, and Passion usually sits on the right. During almost every episode of The Annoying Orange, Orange sat in that very spot to annoy his victims which are usually sitting across the range from him. The least amount of deaths occur in this part of the kitchen. During Top 5 Ways To Make MONEY!!, Orange rented out this spot to a kumquat and Grandpa Lemon.

The Range


The top of the range

This is the spot that Midget Apple, Marshmallow, or any secondary protagonists and/or antagonists of a certain episode sit in the kitchen. Despite it's frequent appearances, the range was only used in nine episodes so far, and the oven was only used in two of those episodes. Nonetheless, it is still a rather popular location in the kitchen. You'll notice that during the first four seasons and part of season 5, two bottles lied on each side of the kitchen. However, during some point in season five, they were removed. It was revealed in season 6 that this range was from the Daneco family of products.

Victim's Counter


The victim's counter

This is the most popular spot in the kitchen. During almost every episode of The Annoying Orange, Orange's victims sit on this side of the range. Of them all, however, Red the Raspberry, however, was one of the only characters that was aware that he was on the wrong side of the kitchen. During the first four seasons, the scenery of this area was constantly changing. In Juice Boxing, the toaster had exploded due to Blue Raspberry Juice Box squirting him with juice. He was later replaced by a different toaster first shown in Meteortron. During season 6, however, the scenery completely changed, and the blue apothecary jar that was usually shown during the first five seasons had disappeared.

Right Side of the Kitchen


The right side of the kitchen

Still a rather popular part of the kitchen. During most episodes, Grapefruit and Grandpa Lemon sit here on opposite sides of the sink. This is also where any tertiary characters or joke fillers of a certain episode sit, or where any events are taking place other than where Orange or any of the other main characters are sitting. Scenery here never changes, not even when the kitchen had remodeling done to it in early season 6 (the reason for this being that Dane did not reconstruct this side of the kitchen after he moved out of his old apartment).

Ninja Fruit's Dojo


Ninja Fruit's dojo

This area was only seen in one episode: Kung Fruit. Coconut had knocked Orange off of the counter, which caused him to land on the floor and roll under the range. It was here that he discovered Ninja Fruit's shadowy dojo, and this is where Orange had learned kung fruit.

The Freezer


The freezer

The interior of the freezer was shown in The Chiller. Orange and Pear had somehow gotten into the freezer, and everyone in their behaved like zombies just because they were frozen. Anyone who they infected ended up the same way, and even Orange turned on Pear. When Pear woke up, hoever, it was revealed that he was only having a nightmare... at least until the freezer came to life all of the sudden.

Control Room


The kitchen arena control room

This was the secret control room that overlooked the entire kitchen arena in The Hungry Games. It wasn't revealed until then that the kitchen was secretly an arena designed by President Snowball, and whenever the Hungry Games took place he would evacuate the entire kitchen so the tributes could fight to the death. However, he was destroyed by a Mockingjay towards the end of the episode, and the Hungry Games ceased to continue.

Garbage Can


The garbage can

The garbage can was only shown in Dead and Berried. Orange and Midget Apple met the ghost of Bill Cosberry and Orange began annoying him. Bill Cosberry then proceeded to pick up Orange and throw him in the trash. Orange then met the actual Bill Cosberry after he was thrown away. Bill had sent his ghost out of the trash can to make Orange stop annoying the kitchen. However, he saw that sending Orange into the trash with them wasn't a great idea, so he eventually sent Orange back up to the counter.

Mouse Hole


The mouse hole

The mouse hole was only shown in ORANGE ALONE. Grapefruit and Watermelon used this entry way to sneak into the kitchen and burglarize it (despite that Grapefruit actually lived there). Knowing this, Orange had set up multiple booby traps, including stuffing toothpicks into a welcome mat and placing it in front of the mouse hole. The mouse hole wasn't seen during any episode before that one, which implied that it been installed shortly before that episode.



The refrigerator

The refrigerator had appeared in many episodes, but the interior was only shown in Valentine's Candy Crush. Orange found out that Midget Apple had a crush on his sister, and it made him furious for some reason. Orange then went in the fridge to rage, and Midget Apple proceeded to give her his present. After a while, Orange had calmed down and gave Midget Apple permission to date his sister. But by that time, Midget Apple's plan had failed due to the attitudes of the candy hearts. The delivery man still didn't stop asking for a signature.



The kitchen as it appeared earlier on


The kitchen's exit (as shown in Hey YOUTUBE!!!)

  • Passion Fruit sometimes dislikes The Kitchen because of the constant deaths that occur there. (However, in The Sitcom, Passion Fruit says, "We should be getting used to that sort of thing by now.", meaning she's ready for eviseration).
  • The Kitchen was partly destroyed in episode Best Fiends Forever when Marshmallow exploded. The first time it was entirely destroyed was in FART CLUB!
  • In Hey YOUTUBE!!!, there is a shot of an opening that leads to another room due to Dane Boedigheimer entering.