The Whistling Pinwheel





First appearance

Luck o' the Irish

Last appearance

Cheesy Salesman (mentioned)

The Whistling Pinwheel is a magical murder weapon that first appeared in Luck o' the Irish. It was given to Orange by Liam, and both he and Pear love playing with it, although Pear is the last known fruit who possessed it until Future Orange took it to prevent it from entering the wrong hands. It appears to be a harmless childish toy, but in truth, it is the most powerful weapon known to man or fruit, as when used correctly, it can destroy anything. The fate of the pinwheel is currently unknown, apart from the fact that it is hidden on a bookshelf.

Evil Orange had been zapped and killed by this magical murder weapon, making him the second orange seen dying in the Annoying Orange series. It is repeatedly blown annoyingly by Pear so he couldn't hear Orange and Evil Orange.

Luck o' the Irish

The pinwheel first appeared when Orange wished for it, with help from Liam the Leprechaun. Liam had it taken away from Orange soon after he gave it to him because Orange was too focused on playing with the pinwheel instead of making wishes. Liam refused to grant Orange's multiple second wishes (most of them revolving around getting the pinwheel back) and after he makes Liam furious, Orange attempts to wish the pot of gold back to Liam in order to get the pinwheel back, which goes awry and crushes Liam as a result. After complaining about Liam's "death", Orange discovers that Pear found the pinwheel, and he wouldn't give it back to Orange.

Back to the Fruiture

Evil Orange, posing as Future Orange, transports to the past while Orange is still asking Pear for the pinwheel back, and reveals to Orange of the pinwheel's true identity and that it was the most powerful weapon known to man (or fruit). Pear, not wanting to give up the pinwheel, doesn't give it to either of them. The real Future Orange teleported to the present and took the pinwheel, using it to kill Evil Orange. It is unknown what happened to the pinwheel after that, but it is assumed Future Orange took it back with him. After the events of the episode, it is possible that Daneboe found and took the pinwheel, later killing some random dude on the street.

Annoying Orange vs. FRED!!!

The Whistling Pinwheel had been mentioned again in this episode. As Liam the Leprechaun was trying to find magic dust in his pocket to teleport Orange and Pear to encounter Fred Figglehorn in the Pester Fest 2010 stadium, Orange guessed that Liam will pick up another Whistling Pinwheel, missing his old one.

Flower Power!

The Whistling Pinwheel makes a cameo appearence at the beginning of the episode by the top of the shelf. Its location may be the reason why it hadn't been seen before as it was hidden on the bookcase.

Leek of Their Own

The Whistling Pinwheel seems to be mentioned at the beginning of the episode, as Orange says that he was bored with no Wii Ponies or pinwheels or explosions.

Cheesy Salesman

The Whistling Pinwheel is also mentioned, when Orange asks Cheesy Salesman if he has a whistling pinwheel, which he answers that Orange should instead have a burping turbine.