Gender Male
Played by Jim Cummings
Death Minced by Teddy Juicer (revived)
First Appearance Fruit-Vengers!

Tomato is a recurring character on The High Fructose Adventures of Annoying Orange. His first major, yet minor role was in the episode Fruit-Vengers!. He had noticed Grapefruit's terrorizing reign over the store's vegetables, and stated to Grapefruit that tomatoes we're fruits instead of vegetables, before knocking him off the fruit cart. His second major role was in Follow the Bouncing Orange. He had informed Pear and Passion Fruit about a group of elite tomatoes who are specialized in kidnapping and deprogramming other tomatoes who are convinced that they're vegetables. Unfortunately, the tomato group's attempt in convincing Orange that he isn't the tennis king failed, and they were shot against the wall by the ball shooter. He appeared frequently in season 1 as a background character since then, but ceased to appear that often in season 2 of the TV series.