Universal Remote
Gender Male
Played by Robert Jennings
Death None
First Appearance Control Freak

The Universal Remote was the main protagonist and main subject of the episode Control Freak. Pear was seen looking for him only so he could avoid watching MC Goat-yell's latest music video on TV. Remote then paused the TV and explained that he had only stopped for lunch. Orange, being his usual annoying self, began to start annoying nPear and Remote. Remote then paused Orange, revealing that he had the power to pause reality. After un-paused, Orange began using the remote to tease Midget Apple. Remote then asked Orange to stop, and then stated that he had no idea of his true powers, which he had later used to rescue a loaf of bread from getting knifed. However, Bread summoned Knife on Orange after thanking Remote for rescuing him (much like Tomato had in April Fruits Day, although she did so out of anger). The others had grew devastated at the sight of Orange being juiced. However, Remote was able to temporarily reverse the flow of time in order to rescue Orange from evisceration. It was revealed towards the end of the episode that Remote was actually a fan of MC Goat-yell, setting disappointment and horror over Pear and Midget Apple.