"I'll watch The Kitchen for you."
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Hey Apple!!

This is me SEPTA 8074. I am a rollback, administrator, and a former bureaucrat on this wiki and I’m a very good contributor.

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Sysops Description
68duck I'm 68duck. Don't be an Apple, contribute to the Annoying Orange Wiki! Vandals will be knifed!
Loveable Cats Hi. I'm Loveable Cats, a new admin, Chat moderator, Content Moderator, rollback, and Discussions Moderator of this wiki
Randomness Central I’m RandomnessCentral! message me on my talk if you need anything, watch out for knives!
SEPTA 8074 I'm SEPTA 8074. message me on my message wall if you like. And if you need anything, watch out for knives, squashes and TNTs!!
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