Gender Male
Played by Zack Scott
Death Mangled in soy sauce (revived), squashed by Squash
First Appearance Wazzup 2: Wasssabi

Wasabi was a character who appeared in Wasssabi. Wasabi started the "Wazzup" chain. He was a side dish and garnish with a funny name according to Orange and the rest. He has a sped-up accent and was clueless about what was happening in the second Wazzup. Wasabi first appeared with the Sushi Brothers when first introduced. He annouced his name after Orange, Pear, Sushi and Lemon were wazzuping while using his name which he was annoyed with after a while, however, he did join in. His death ends with him being picked up with chopsticks and dipped in soy sauce. He later appeared in U Can't Squash This being squashed by Squash. He appeared once again in Cruel Middle School being voted most likely to know wassup.


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