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Marshmallow Murder is a video created by Dane Boedigheimer from and a crossover episode of The Annoying Orange.


During a dark and stormy night a strange scientist named Dr. Interwebz finds a way to turn a website known as "YouTube" into a human being. As soon as this attempt succeeds, the offspring seeks out to meet Dane Boedigheimer and Orange. He makes his way to Boedigheimer's location, and tries to keep him from playing "Scary Maze Game". Sub-Zero is seen helping him out, making YouTube claim that "you can't trust Asians." This makes Dane somewhat upset with YouTube, in which he asks him to leave. As leaving, YouTube warns Dane that he will soil himself if he keeps playing, and murders Sub-Zero. He then meets Orange and begins annoying him. After that, he gives him a five star rating and the swine flu. Then when Dane goes to confront him, YouTube asked if he soiled himself. Ironically, he answers with "Ya".


YouTube_Meets_Daneboe_and_The_Annoying_Orange! OUTTAKES_-_YouTube_Meets_Daneboe_and_The_Annoying_Orange!